Go back to your family…or friends…or happily singular interest…

No matter what absorbs you this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that you are filled with SOMETHING…whether it is family or friends or something wonderful that allows you to feed your soul all by yourself.  No matter what it is that gives you joy this season, I am thankful for it.

Know that I will be skipping Black Friday, making soup, running errands (like normal), and doing laundry this day after Thanksgiving, and that I will be grateful that all of us are enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend.  There is nothing as amazing as grasping all that is good in our lives for a moment and remember that truly, yes it could be much worse for each and every one of us.  So no matter what you did for Thanksgiving, be thankful that you weren’t somewhere else doing something else…because this is your normal right now and God provides NORMAL as a way of reminding us that, really, yes…yes it really is possible to be worse off than we are right now.

Take a deep breath and remember that if you can take a deep breath you are still alive.  Thank God!



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